Payday Thursday – Guide to investing


There are plenty of guides to investing, but the one that has been most helpful to me is the website Investopedia. Resembling ¬†Wikipedia, this website contains definitions of financial terms and articles explaining different phenomenons in the financial market. It also has articles, and video tutorials and courses explaining the world of investing. If you want to learn how to invest it is the perfect website for you, because it has a market simulator that gives you “simulation money” to learn the basics of investing by actually doing.

The simulator

The stocks simulator gives you the opportunity to start with ¬†a certain amount of “pretend money” (an amount of your choice) and invest it in the simulator. The simulator has the same quotes as the real market. It is a great tool for training before you actually invest with real money.

You can see your portfolio and how your investments are doing:


Have fun learning with this great tool that helped me learn the basics of stock trading!


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