Top 10 Youtube Channels to Better Yourself

Top 10 youtube channels to better yourself (they are in no particular order, they are all important and offer skills in almost every aspect of life):




10. elliott hulse: A youtube channel for bodybuilding tips and for health, but also on how to be a total badass.





9.   London real : A guy who left wall street to find the good life. He interviews people, and gets us all the info on business, success and life in general. 





8.Alex Ikonn: An online entrepreneur who wants to share great ideas, and wants us to succeed. 






7. The school of life : Feel like you need some philosophical guidance? The school of life has videos on many philosophical subjects like love, success and happiness. 

The School of Life






6.Evan Carmichael: He has one simple goal, he wants us to follow our passion. He gives entrepreneurs tips to get therre, and therre is also a segment in wich he gives us the top ten tips from sucessful and famous people. 





5. CrashCourse: you might have seen this channel on youtube if youve ever been late on studying for a test. It covers every subject, from history, to biology, to how the government works. Its great for people who want to gain general knowledge about the world.








Fight Mediocrity: Want to read lots of books but don’t have time? Or do you find reading for hours boring? Whatever the case may be, this guy makes video summaries of books, with cool cartoons to better explain. 









3. Vsauce : We all have questions that we thought couldn’t be answered. He answers them with science. 







2 .Tai Lopez: He’s an investor/entrepreneur, and is also a renaissance man. This guy will teach you about the good life: Health, wealth, love and happiness. P.S. He reads a lot of books!







1.TED: Ted talks are awesome. They invite geniuses to talk in from of a crowd about what they do best. Multiple people in this list have made a TED talk. 



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