The Top Five Most influential Entrepreneurs of 2015

The Top Five most influential Entrepreneurs of 2015

5. Bill Gates

The creator of Microsoft, turned philanthropist takes the #5 spot on the list because of all his hard work with the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, and the success of the new Windows 10 operating system.



4.Jeff Bezos

The Founder of takes the #4 spot on the list because of Amazon’s continuing success, and because of  his other ventures, such as companies he’s invested in (uber, Airbnb, Twitter, etc). Also, the success of one of his companies called Blue Origin for landing their rocket.



3. Mark Zuckerberg

He takes the # 3 spot on the list because Facebook now has over 1 billion daily users, and he donated 99% of his stock to charity.



2.Jack Ma

Jack Ma, a former school teacher in China, has created a competitor for, called Alibaba. On the Chinese holiday called “singles day” the company had 14 billion dollars in sales on that day alone.


1.Elon Musk

He is everywherre, and that’s why he takes the #1 spot. This  year, he kept working on his 3 companies: Tesla motors, Space X and solar city. His efforts contribute to leading humanity towards a better future, and innovating to go to space.



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