The top 10 military commanders of all time

10. General Erwin Rommel (world war 2):

Rommel, also known as ”the desert fox”, he was a commander in the french invasion, the italian front, and his most famous: in northern africa.

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9. Attila the Hun (434-453):

He was the ruler of the huns. He attacked the roman empire, but was unable to take rome and constantinople.




8. William Wallace (wars of scottish independence):

He led the scottish army to victory multiple times against the british. Freedom!



7. Simon Bolivar (1783-1830):

He took advantage of Spain’s involvement in another war to free the nations of ¬†colombia, venezuela, ecuador and bolivia (who’s name has been inspired by Bolivar).



6. George S. Patton (WW2):

Arguably the greatest general in World War 2, Patton had commanded in the european theater, in the meditaranean and in the invasion of Normandy.


5. Julius Caesar (50 bc):

He had conquered Gaul (modern day france) for the roman empire. He then became emperor of Rome, but was soon assasinated by Brutus.



4. Genghis Khan (1162-1227):

He was the ruler of the mongolian empire, that streched from China to the Balkans. It is the second largest empire in history, and the largest one that was in a continuous land mass (the largest one being the british empire, that was on multiple continents). His son took over the empire after his death.



3. Napoleon Bonnaparte (Napoleonic era):

Being an officer in the french revolution, he took advantage of the instability it created, and became emperor of France. From the years 1800 to 1815 at the battle of Waterloo, he fought all across Europe, even trying to capture Moscow in the winter.


2. Sun Tzu (About 544-496 BC):

A Chinese general that wrote the book that started all military strategy, called ”the art of war”. He inspired countless generals through the ages, even the north Viet-Nam army used his principles in the Viet-Nam war against the United-States of America.



  1. Alexander of Macedon (*aka, Alexander the Great) (356-323 Bc):

He is the inspiration for all western generals. He conquered the giant persian empire, and went all the way to India, wherre he was forced to turn back because his troops thought they had gone too far.


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