The selfish gene (Richard Dawkins)


Richard Dawkins 1976 book Richard Dawkins 1976 book “the selfish gene”.

The heavily controversial book: “the selfish gene” by Richard Dawkins is one of the very best books to understand what evolution really is, short of Darwin’s “origin of species”. I must admit that Dawkins book is easier to read than Darwin’s because it simplifies concepts to appeal to a broader audience. Knowing how the theory of evolution works is a big help at understanding why we do things, and why we exist. Not only at a philosophical standpoint of knowing why we are here, but also at a more pragmatist standpoint of knowing why we do things and may lead us to some life hacks. So here’s a brief review of chapters 1 to 3. I might review the rest and explain the rest of the chapters when i’m done reading it.

The origin of life.

There are many theories, but the most accepted…

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