Elon Musk: Life is Probably a Simulation




In a recent conference, Elon Musk was asked if he thought the universe was a simulation. He responded by saying that it is very probable that life really is a simulation, and that our universe is not the base reality. He explains that we are currently on the verge of having very realistic simulations ourselves, and that we could possibly create systems as complex as our universe in the future. It is therefore possible (and very likely) that we are not the base reality, but rather living in a simulation created in another universe. And even that universe might not be the base universe; there might be a chain of simulated universes.


There are multiple implications of this theory. Of course, it is not falsifiable, therefore it is not a real theory, it is only speculation, or a rational argument. Here are some great counter-arguments to Elon’s statement.


According to Elon Musk, the chance that we are the base reality is one in billions.


But assuming it was true, it would impact our lives greatly. It would mean that our universe could shut down at anytime due to a malfunction in the simulation, or that the makers of the simulation would like to shut it down. It could also mean that we could create our own simulations of universes. With the progress in neuroscience, we might be able to upload our brain in a computer and live in those simulated universes for ever.


Putting aside those cool sci-fi stories, it would be hard (or even impossible) to prove that we are living in a simulation. It’s still fun to think about the possibilities of that scenario and all of its implications.



What is your opinion on the subject? Tell me in the comments below!

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